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Current Race Car - GB Racing

Our current race car

About our current race car

In 1999 we commissioned Hauser Race Cars' John Webster to build a new state of the art suspended chassis for the 'Escape from Reality' drag racing team. Many of the parts from the last race car were also used.

It took a while to get all the loose ends tied up but by the end of 2000 the team had won the prestigious Euro Finals event at Santa Pod Raceway in a somewhat inconsistent and expensive style - damaging a transmission beyond repair in qualifying - then borrowing enough parts to go racing.

The elimination's proved to be no cheaper as in the final round the car performed flawlessly on the run to take the win but in the shutdown area the engine decided to go into self destruct mode!

Tech details


  • ICE Automotive of Silverstone, built carb to pan, pump gas 468cu in Chevrolet Big Block.
  • Dyno'd at 623bhp, 580ft lb torque.
  • Based on a 454cu in normal deck four bolt mains block over bored 60thou to 468cu in.
  • Forged ARP pistons, Eagle forged 4340 crank and rods. Clevite Bearings.
  • Full roller Crane Cam / lifters, Custom length 3/8th in pushrods, pushrod guides.
  • Edelbrock/ ICE ported ally heads. Stainless valves, titanium retainers, Harland Sharp Roller Rockers, Crane Stud Girdle.
  • Milodon 8qt dragster oil pan and dipstick.
  • Edelbrock 454-R intake, dominator patter, 1in carb spacer.
  • Holley Dominator 1050cfm carburettor, mounted backwards.
  • MSD 6AL Ignition box, MSD Pro Billet Distributor, Cap + Leads. NGK plugs.
  • CSR Billet Water Pump, TCI SFI flexplate.
  • ARP studs and bolts throughout.


  • Barry Grant BG280 Fuel pump, BG filter, Aeromotive Bypass regulator, Jaz fuel cell, Goodridge -8AN hoses and fittings used throughout.


  • Dedenbear (REID RACING) cased Glide.
  • Hardened Input shaft, 1.76 gearset, dual ring servo, manual valve body with trans brake.
  • Five clutch reverse pack, 6 clutch high gear, heavy duty low band and frictions throughout.
  • Roller tail shaft support, universal shifter arm, TCI deep ally pan, filter extension.
  • Trans cooler, Shorty dipstick.
  • Custom made Coan 8in Torque converter.
  • Hurst Pro Stick Shifter, reverse lock out forward shift pattern with electric solenoid shifting on RPM modules.


  • Rear Axle: Chrysler 8 3/4" with Moser Engineering shafts & spool.
  • Body: Glass Fibre 23 Model T Ford.
  • Paint: Flames by Steve Jest
  • Chassis: Hauser Race Cars. Chrome Moly.
  • Suspension: 4 Link Rear Suspension.
  • Brakes: Wilwood rear calipers and discs.
  • Best ET: 8.831
  • Best Speed: 143.41mph