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Sponsoring the 'Escape from Reality' team

This year we are looking for new sponsors for GB Racing the 'Escape from Reality' team. We are looking to a Company such as yourselves for financial help no matter how large or small your contribution to our operation may be. Any support we are lucky enough to gain will make a substantial difference to our racing campaign.

What can we offer you?

THINK............. How many thousands of pounds do you spend on advertising in the national/local press & yellow pages?

We can offer you/your company exposure on our quality race car/team clothing/race car transporter, motorsport news & various press publications as well as on our own website (gb-racing.co.uk) & various internet links.

WE can get you this coverage in the press as we submit regular articles to many sources of publicity. We can't do much about the Yellow Pages, but can you guarantee that 30,000 + people will look at your ad on more than ONE occasion? At major international drag racing events spectator numbers reach these figures.............. these people could see YOUR name on the car in the pits, on our transporter & on the team clothing & of course on the Dragstrip. While on the Strip (which can be up to 12 times over the weekend depending on the size of the event) the commentary team will relay information which we have supplied them regarding your business name & product information.

As a small privately owned/funded team, we are not looking for a fortune to help us race....our budget for a 4-5 day event is approximately 750... this includes race entry fees, transportation, race fuel & consumables. Using these figures, we look to do 5-6 events a year plus 1 testing event (funds permitting).

We try to video document most of our runs/races...these would be made available to you on request, the track also employs professional motorsports photographers who are usually prepared to sell (or sometimes give permission for us to use) their work if we give them the necessary credits.... their work is usually copyright so we have to respect their decisions & requests.

We don't have the big motorhomes or stay in hotels where a lot of the funding can be swallowed up but choose to "rough it" & spend our budget on the race car. Also by spending more time at the strip we offer YOU and YOUR investment more publicity.
Corporate hospitality is available through the event promoters/organisers with costs depending on the numbers in your party & the type of event you are attending.

Why? You may ask and, what is the benefit to our Company?

Our race car is very presentable and we as a team approach our sport of drag racing in a professional manner.

Our team photo

We realise that although we are not a Racing Team to the level of Touring Cars or F1 we feel we can still achieve success and gain publicity for anybody who helps us.

Up to 30,000 spectators attend major International Race Meetings, that’s a lot of people looking at your name on our Race Car! Plus TV & Satellite programmes, various web sites, magazine features, motor sport journals, local paper articles and local shows plus charity events, carnivals, fetes and galas that we attend through the year.

Please e-mail us for more information: sponsors@gb-racing.co.uk

Below we show where your Company Name and Logo could be placed.

Your Company Name and Logo could be placed on the race car itself. Plans for next season are a front wing covering the fuel tank area creating lots more space for our sponsors.

Current race car

Your Company Name and Logo could be placed on our race car transporter giving you even more exposure while we are travelling and also at the race track in the pit area.

Race car transporter

As you can see the area on our transporter is large. Your Company Name and Logo would stand out and be clear for people to notice.

We also have plenty of space for product displays and distribution of company literature and brochures etc.

Our mission this season.

Our mission is to attend all race meetings this season, seven in total for the UK Championships. Our aim is to achieve a top ten position. With your help we can do this! Thank you.